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My Therapy & Approach

Individual Therapy

This is your space for whatever you need support with. I prioritize building safe and authentic therapeutic relationships, and making sure you get what you need. Specialities include:

  • trauma processing
  • anxiety
  • grief and depression
  • achieving your goals
  • suicidality and self-harm
  • life transitions
  • minority stress


Couples Therapy

I really enjoy working with couples and helping both individuals have a more satisfying and successful relationship. Areas I can help with include:

  • communication
  • resolving past incidents
  • relationships with parents and other family
  • sex and intimacy
  • infidelity
  • open relationships
  • transitions


Trans & LGBT

I specialize in helping trans people and the wider LGBT community—I’ve been serving this demographic for years. I’m here to help, whether it’s processing trauma, coming out, navigating a gender transition, working on the relationship with a partner or family, or just living in a world that is often unjust and unsafe.

Let’s get started.

I encourage all potential clients to start things off with an in-person office visit or a video consultation. This is our chance to get a sense of how it feels to sit together and to and learn about one another. Please bring your questions, and let me know your likes and dislikes for therapy. It’s all about finding someone who will be a good match for what you need.


My Approach to Therapy


Because no two clients are alike, I like to use a blend of approaches based on how we work best together. Approaches that I draw from include psychodynamic, narrative, feminist, CBT, DBT, and gestalt. For couples, I typically use a combination of emotionally focused therapy and the Gottman method.


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Divi Therapy

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